Rescuers Rush to Save Drowning Animal – Shocked by Discovery

Rescuers rush to save drowning animal – shocked by discovery

A Fake Alarm

The volunteers at Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue in the UK are always busy lending a helping hand to vulnerable animals. However, one day, they received a call that left them alarmed. Concerned individuals had reported a helpless animal lying face down in a muddy ditch, prompting the organization to swiftly dispatch a team of water rescuers to the scene.

After a tense 20-minute journey, the team arrived at the site. Every second counted as they trudged through the mud, but they soon discovered that the “animal” trapped in the water-filled and mossy ditch was nothing more than a dog-like statue. It had already been rescued by a member of staff on-site. It was a false alarm.

Thank you

Relief and Gratitude

Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue expressed relief and gratitude on Facebook. They were thankful that concerned citizens had taken the situation seriously and reached out for help. Although it turned out to be a fake dog this time, the rescue organization emphasized the importance of always being vigilant and raising the alarm when in doubt. After all, the next time it could be a real animal in need.

“It’s always a relief when there isn’t an injured animal to tend to,” a representative from the rescue organization told The Dodo.

The statue now rests safely outside the rescue’s office, awaiting its owner. Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue assured everyone that if someone wants to claim the statue, they can simply visit the reception. Unfortunately, it did sustain a little damage during the rescue operation.

A Heartfelt Thank You

Despite the false alarm, Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue received a heartfelt thank you for their swift response and dedication to animal welfare. The organization continues to provide essential assistance to vulnerable animals, ensuring their safety and well-being. A false alarm may have brought some laughter, but their commitment to serving animals in need remains unwavering.