Whoopi Reacts After Joy “Insults” Her Publicly On The View

On a recent episode of The View, Joy Behar, one of the long-time hosts of the show, made a comment that seemed like an insult directed towards Whoopi Goldberg. Behar stated that she was happy when she was fired from the show back in 2013. This comment caught Whoopi Goldberg off guard, but she quickly responded in a friendly manner.

The discussion surrounding Joy Behar’s firing arose because the hosts wanted to talk about an interview she gave to Time Magazine last year. In the interview, Behar expressed her happiness about being let go from The View. It’s worth noting that Behar had been one of the original hosts of the show since it first aired in 1997. However, for reasons unknown to the public, she was fired in 2013. Fortunately, she returned to the show after just two years.

It’s admirable how Behar did not take her firing personally. Throughout her long career in the television and Hollywood industry, she has faced many setbacks and managed to bounce back every time. In her Time Magazine interview, Behar mentioned that she was glad to be fired from The View, although she couldn’t recall the exact reason why.

During the episode, Behar explained that she values having friends at her workplace, and if she doesn’t have any, she won’t stay. So, when she was fired from The View the last time, her friends had already left the show, making it an easier decision for her to move on. Whoopi Goldberg, who was a co-host at the time Behar was let go, jokingly responded, pretending to cry and saying, “It’s okay, I’m cool.”

Goldberg clarified that they had been friends for a long time before becoming co-hosts of The View in 2013. Although she initially seemed offended by Behar’s comment, Goldberg quickly revealed that she was only teasing her about it. Their friendship remained intact.

Behar confirmed that her departure from The View in 2013 was not her decision. In a 2017 interview with People Magazine, she revealed that someone else wanted her gone. She further expressed her dissatisfaction with the direction the show was taking at that time. It seems like Behar is able to handle insults from others with grace.

Sunny Hosting, another host on The View, highlighted Behar’s ability to let go of grudges. Hosting mentioned that Behar has a tendency to forget what happened the day before and remains calm in the face of insults. Even if she is reminded of a past insult, she simply shrugs it off and moves on. This ability to detach herself from negative experiences has helped Behar navigate her time on the show.

Joy Behar’s comment about being happy when she was fired from The View may have caught Whoopi Goldberg by surprise, but their friendship remained strong. Behar’s resilience in the face of career setbacks and her ability to let go of insults have contributed to her success on the show.