What’s Happening with Kate Middleton? A Look Behind Closed Doors

The question on everyone’s minds in the past few months is, “What is happening behind closed doors at Windsor?” Since Kate Middleton’s last public appearance, there has been a shroud of mystery surrounding her health and whereabouts.

In mid-January, the Princess of Wales underwent a planned abdominal surgery. The Palace has provided minimal information about her condition, only stating that she is “doing well.” They have made it clear that they will only share significant updates when necessary.

This lack of information has left the people of Britain and Kate’s followers around the world concerned. There was a glimmer of hope when the Minister of Defense announced that Kate would be attending the Trooping the Colour dress rehearsal ceremony on June 8, followed by the main event on June 15. However, it was later revealed that this announcement was a mistake, and Kate’s potential return to royal duties was removed from the Army website. Kensington Palace was not consulted about this matter, causing further confusion.

The event’s overview, which was provided multiple times, mentioned Kate’s presence. It referred to “Trooping the Colour reviewed by Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales” and highlighted her role in inspecting the soldiers. However, all mentions of Kate and her photo were removed from the site, adding to the mystery surrounding her absence.

It is highly unusual for a royal of Kate’s rank to be absent from public view for such a long period of time. The last photo the public saw of her was taken by TMZ, and some speculated that it was staged. She also shared a photo of herself with her children on Mother’s Day, but news agencies later issued “kill notices” for the photo due to inconsistencies found after closer inspection.

The Associated Press released a statement acknowledging that the photo had been manipulated and no longer met their photo standards. Although the Palace did not comment on the edited photo, Kate took it upon herself to address the issue. On her and William’s official social media account, she expressed her apologies for any confusion caused by the edited image and explained that she occasionally experiments with editing as an amateur photographer.

Kensington Palace has confirmed that they will not be reissuing the original unedited photograph. The mystery surrounding Kate Middleton’s absence continues, leaving everyone curious about what is happening behind closed doors at Windsor.

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