Royal Expert Raises Concerns About Kate Middleton’s Safety

A recent incident involving Kate Middleton and a photo she posted on Mother’s Day has raised questions about the palace’s ability to protect her. The photo, which was edited and then removed shortly after being published, caused a stir among photographers and news agencies.

According to a royal expert, the fact that international picture agencies decided to remove the image is highly unusual. Katie Nicholl, the expert, stated that she has never seen a royal image being recalled in her 15 years on the job. This situation puts pressure on Kensington Palace and may force them to take action.

One news agency, the Associated Press, even issued a statement saying that the image had been manipulated. The photo showed an inconsistency in the alignment of Princess Charlotte’s left hand. This incident has led to a lack of trust in Kensington Palace as a reliable source.

Phil Chetwynd, the AFP’s global news director, commented on the incident, saying that the bar has been raised when it comes to trusting sources. The AFP sent out notifications to its teams to be more vigilant about the content they receive, even from trusted sources. Chetwynd emphasized that distorting reality for the public is unacceptable, and trust is essential in the media.

The issue with the edited photo has added fuel to the fire for those who believe that Kate and the Palace have been less than forthcoming about her health and whereabouts. Some experts suggest that releasing the unedited version of the photo could have put an end to speculation.

Royal photographer Arthur Edwards believes that Kate has learned a tough lesson and broken the golden rule of photography. He explains that while cropping a picture is acceptable, interfering with the image itself is not. Edwards also expressed his concern about the hateful comments directed towards Kate on social media.

According to Edwards, the Palace should focus on providing updates on Kate’s health and recovery instead of releasing more images. He believes that there are people who want to bring her down and that the Palace should prioritize her well-being.

Royal expert Hilary Fordwich commented on the incident, calling it another PR disaster for the Palace. She believes that the staff at Kensington Palace should be more media-savvy and hire the best in the field. Fordwich commends Kate for her straightforward apology and emphasizes the importance of admitting mistakes.

Another royal expert, Tom Bower, believes that the Palace has failed to protect Kate. He states that people around the world want to bring her down, and her staff should have taken measures to ensure her safety and well-being. Bower urges the Palace to focus on supporting Kate’s recovery instead of releasing more images.

The controversy surrounding Kate Middleton raises concerns about her safety and the palace’s ability to protect her. Many hope that she will soon make a public appearance to put an end to the speculation and allow her to focus on her recovery.