A Life-Changing Makeover for Taylor White

Woman tattooed against her will receives life-changing makeover

When Taylor White was just 21, her face was tattooed without her consent, leaving her with no choice but to cover up those unwanted markings with dark, black ink. It was a traumatic experience that she had to carry with her for years. But everything changed when a kind stranger stepped in to help.

Hailing from Florida, Taylor suffered mistreatment from a former boyfriend. The details of what happened on her 21st birthday remain hazy, but she woke up in a hotel feeling injured and distressed. When she looked in the mirror, she discovered horrifying tattoos adorning her face.

Taylor tried to hide the tattoos with makeup, but it was a constant struggle. Her boss eventually noticed the tattoos peeking through and made a compassionate offer. He told her, “You can’t live like this,” and generously offered to cover the tattoos with blackout ink. It was a chance for Taylor to finally have a “normal life.”

In 2008, Taylor agreed to the procedure, but even with the cover-up, she still faced rejection during her job search due to her facial tattoos. It seemed like there was no way out of this difficult situation.

However, luck was on Taylor’s side when a TikTok user named TheDadBot came across her livestream. Intrigued by her story and her discussions about her struggles with bipolar disorder, TheDadBot felt a strong connection to Taylor’s challenges. He knew he had to help.

TheDadBot, whose real name is Karridy, offered to cover the expenses of Taylor’s tattoo removal and reached out to several clinics to facilitate the laser surgery. To everyone’s surprise, Removery, a laser tattoo-removal company, agreed to provide the procedure free of charge, which typically costs thousands of dollars.

Carmen VanderHeiden Brodie, VP of Clinical Operations at Removery, explained that the tattoo removal process could take up to two years for Taylor to become tattoo-free. But even during her initial session, Taylor was seen smiling, filled with hope for the future.

Taylor’s journey to remove those unwanted facial tattoos is nothing short of remarkable. It’s not just about enhancing her appearance; it’s about shedding a painful chapter of her life and moving forward. At 37 years old, Taylor aspires to work in the mental health care field, using her own experiences to help others.

This incredible transformation reminds us that everyone deserves kindness and compassion. Taylor’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the power of empathy and the incredible impact that one act of kindness can have.