Dad Who Filmed Kate Middleton Sets the Record Straight

Dad who filmed Kate Middleton confirms the truth after conspiracy theorists insist it's a body-double

The dad who captured the first video footage of Kate Middleton since her much-speculated surgery in January has hit back at conspiracy theorists who claim that the woman in the film is not the Princess of Wales.

Nelson Silva, 40, was at the Windsor Farm Shop when he spotted Kate Middleton and Prince William last Saturday. He recognized her when she turned her head. Silva ended up standing behind the couple while they interacted with the staff.

Silva, who had no idea that Kate was making headlines, took a short video outside the shop to share with his family in Portugal. Unbeknownst to him, this video would cause quite a stir.

“My family couldn’t believe it,” Silva explained. “They thought she hadn’t been seen since last year. I’m not really into gossip and celebrities. I prefer fishing and working in my allotment.”

However, as soon as the footage of Kate made its way online, conspiracy theorists emerged, claiming that the video was staged and fake, and that a body-double had been used.

Silva, having witnessed the interaction between Kate and William with his own eyes, vehemently denies these claims. Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Silva said, “This is a video clearly showing her and William. I saw them with my own eyes. It was a completely relaxed situation.”

He expressed his confusion at the persistence of these conspiracy theories and the energy invested into spreading rumors and lies. Silva believes that people are unable to back down because they have become so invested in the drama.

Silva’s video attracted attention on TikTok, with one user receiving over 2.9 million views by claiming that the woman in the clip was a body-double. Once again, Silva had a firm response, stating, “I can tell you it is not [a body-double]. Are they now going to question if I’m a real person as well? It is ridiculous.”

Silva urges the conspiracy theorists to back off and realize that they have gotten caught up in something irrational.

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