Clever Loopholes Shared by Redditors

Redditors love to share their clever tricks and loopholes that they’ve discovered in various situations. These tricks range from getting free food to finding ways around certain rules and policies. Here are some of the most interesting loopholes shared by Redditors.

Dining on a Budget

One Redditor, u/hear2fear, found a way to save money on sandwiches at their college café. The deli sandwiches were overpriced, but the salad bar was reasonably priced. They discovered that the salad bar had all the same ingredients as the sandwiches, so they would buy slices of bread, load up on salad toppings, and create their own sandwiches for a fraction of the price. It was a clever way to enjoy a delicious and affordable meal.

Unlimited Soda

Redditor u/some_body_else took advantage of a promotion by Dr. Pepper in the 90s. They learned that the winning bottle cap had information printed on it that could be barely read. They bought one Dr. Pepper and kept winning free sodas by entering the codes from the bottle caps. Having an unlimited supply of soda as a teenager was a dream come true.

Winning Contests

Redditor u/mahck discovered a loophole in a radio station contest. The station would announce the upcoming songs on their website, so they would call in before the second song even came on. By doing this, they won many prizes, including concert tickets and even a laptop. It just goes to show that finding the right timing can sometimes lead to great rewards.

Taking Advantage of Glitches

A deleted user shared their experience with a Lyft glitch. When Lyft was new, they offered free rides if you signed up a friend. The user and their college roommate took advantage of this by signing up as each other’s friends. A glitch occurred, and the user’s account had the free ride feature for a whole year. They only had to pay if the ride exceeded the given amount, which was very convenient.

Maximizing Pay

Redditor u/Mitch_from_Boston found a way to maximize their pay while working for an employer who subtracted break hours from the paycheck without consideration for actual breaks taken. They realized that the deduction only happened once they hit 40 hours, so they started working 39 hours. This way, they received the full 39 hours of pay without any deductions.

Free Burger

At Wendy’s, there was a promotion that offered a free burger if you filled out a survey on your receipt. The clever Redditor u/Pterons realized that they could keep getting free burgers by taking the survey on the free burger receipt. They would buy one burger and then chain multiple free burgers by repeating the process. They enjoyed free meals for a few days until the promotion ended.

Bypassing Rules

OP u/iknowvapetricks found a loophole in a high school baby photo contest. The rules stated that you could submit any baby photo, but it didn’t specify that the baby had to be you. They submitted a baby picture found on Google and won the “Best Dressed Baby” award. It shows that sometimes being creative with the rules can lead to unexpected outcomes.

These are just a few examples of the clever loopholes shared by Redditors. It’s always interesting to see how people can find creative solutions to everyday problems or ways to take advantage of certain situations. Have you ever discovered a clever loophole? Share your stories and let us know!