Cheapskate Stories: The Crazy Frugal Habits of Some People

When it comes to money, people have different perspectives. Some believe in splurging and enjoying life to the fullest, while others prefer frugality and saving for the future. While being money-conscious isn’t a bad thing, being overly stingy can definitely lower one’s quality of life. And it’s not just the cheapskate who suffers; their loved ones often feel the impact too. Today, we bring you some outrageous stories shared by people on Reddit about their experiences with cheapskate family members.

1. How My Dad Got a Free Bar of Soap

One Reddit user shared a story about their father who moved into a new house and had a guy come over to do a free water filter demonstration. The guy used a bar of soap during the demonstration and left it behind. Instead of installing the water filter, the father called multiple other companies for free demonstrations just to keep getting more bars of soap. It seems his frugality is only getting worse with age, but his family lets him do his thing.

2. A Dad’s Paper Towel Obsession

Another Reddit user recounted their dad’s obsession with paper towels. He hoards them, scolding anyone who wastes even a single sheet. The user remembers feeling like each roll was worth $100 because of their dad’s extreme concern over waste. When the user accidentally spilled a gallon of milk, their girlfriend used an entire roll of paper towels to clean it up. The dad’s reaction was priceless – a mix of pain, anger, and heartbreak over what he considered a wasted roll.

3. Extreme Measures to Save Every Penny

One user shared how their dad goes to extreme lengths to save money. He hangs his clothes outside, even in freezing temperatures, to avoid paying for electricity. He would go through his kids’ trash, looking for anything valuable that they might have thrown away. He’s obsessed with finding the cheapest gas and once spent half an hour driving around town just to find the best price. He even opens his car door and pushes himself down a hill to save on gas when driving downhill. His thrifty habits extend to dining out, where he only allows himself to order the cheapest menu item.

4. The Return Policy Master

In this Reddit story, someone’s father took advantage of Costco’s generous return policy. He returned an outdoor furniture set that they had for eight years, claiming it was weather-worn and broken. Costco accepted the return and gave him the money, which he used to buy a new patio set from the same store. Unbelievable, but true!

5. The Frugal Tactics of My Grandmother

A Reddit user reminisced about their frugal grandmother’s tactics. To save money on restaurants, she would clip coupons and get others to take her out to dinner as a “favor.” She would bring an enormous purse to buffets, stuffing it with napkins and food. She insisted on dining only at restaurants with salad bars and would even drive an hour to find one where she hadn’t been banned. This relentless pursuit of thriftiness has allowed her to enjoy a lifetime of free appliances, thanks to Sears’ lifetime guarantee.

6. Toilet Paper Rolls on Steroids

Another tale involves a father who discovered where shopping centers buy their giant industrial-sized toilet paper rolls. He started buying these massive rolls that equate to three or four regular rolls. While this might seem like a great money-saving idea to him, it’s a source of embarrassment for his child when friends come over.

7. Sears Lifetime Guarantee Enthusiast

One person shared how their grandmother registered her wedding gifts at Sears, which had a “lifetime guarantee” policy back in the late 1940s. She has moved countless times, but she kept all the warranty paperwork and flattened boxes for the appliances she received. Even after over 60 years, she still uses this guarantee to get replacements for her worn-out items. Her frugality has saved her from buying new appliances for decades. The user humorously suggests that the horde of cheap old women like their grandmother might be the reason Sears is struggling in recent years.

8. When a Cheap House Becomes an Endless Renovation Project

One Reddit user shared their father’s pathologically cheap nature. Despite being able to afford a decent house, their father ended up buying a low-quality, rundown home for much less. The house had original windows, doors, and asbestos siding. There was no trim, kitchen cabinets, or counters. The living room floor was just bare plywood. While he saved money upfront, the user’s father ended up spending way more on renovations in the long run.

9. Unconventional Ways to Beat the Heat

Someone from Georgia, known for its hot summers, shared that their father refused to turn on the AC until the temperature exceeded 100F. Instead, he bought styrofoam pads with metallic foil that everyone had to insert into the windows and doorways to keep the heat out. In addition, they would collect water from a natural spring in their city, as it was drinkable and free. Their father would bring an army of 5-gallon bottles to fill up in case the spring dried up – a true example of extreme penny-pinching.

10. The Unexpected Fortune from a Stingy Gift

A Reddit user inherited a $30 gift card from their stingy grandfather after he passed away. Instead of giving it away, they decided to use it. Little did they know, the gift card was a special promotional item with a million-dollar prize. The cashier and store manager were stunned when they scanned the card and revealed the huge surprise. The user’s seemingly insignificant inheritance became a life-changing fortune, transforming their future in an instant.

These stories may seem outrageous, eccentric, or even humorous, but behind them lies a strong lesson about finding a balance between frugality and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. While it’s important to be mindful of our finances, we should also remember to prioritize our quality of life and the happiness of our loved ones.

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