Woman Shows Up To The Pool In This Pink Swimsuit, But The Staff Kicks Her Out For It Being “Inappropriate”

Tori and her fiancé, Tyler, were looking forward to a relaxing swim in their apartment complex’s swimming pool. Tori had just purchased a new pink one-piece swimsuit and was excited to show it off. But their excitement quickly turned into shock when a staff member approached Tori and claimed that her swimsuit was making other guests uncomfortable. They deemed it inappropriate for the family setting, stating that it was causing unwanted excitement among the teenage boys at the pool.

Tori, along with her friends and Tyler, couldn’t believe what they were hearing. Tori decided to address the issue at the apartment leasing office to avoid creating a scene at the pool. She was upset that she was being denied access to a pool she paid for because someone found her swimsuit inappropriate.

To her surprise, the worker at the office insisted that Tori was not appropriately dressed for the swimming area. They demanded that she change into something else if she wanted to use the pool. Tori, confused by this reaction, couldn’t understand why her ordinary swimsuit was causing such a fuss. The worker even suggested taking a picture of Tori in her swimsuit to demonstrate how “inappropriate” it looked.

Tyler later shared the strange experience on Facebook, and the post quickly went viral. He expressed his disbelief at the situation and conveyed Tori’s frustration. Tori’s response to the leasing consultant’s remarks emphasized her disappointment and embarrassment. She felt violated, sexualized, and objectified. After all, she was simply wearing a one-piece swimsuit in a family-friendly environment.

Living in Tennessee, Tori was shocked that her choice of swimwear was considered inappropriate. The leasing consultant’s argument that there were teenage boys in the complex and Tori shouldn’t excite them only added to her frustration. Tori felt that she should be able to enjoy the pool of her own apartment complex without feeling ashamed or policed.

Check out the video below to hear Tori’s side of the story.

Do you think her pink swimsuit was truly inappropriate for a family-friendly swimming pool?