Science Shows That Women Sleep Better Next To Dogs Than Men

Sleep is essential for good health, and researchers are constantly studying ways to improve sleep quality. While chamomile tea and meditation have been touted as sleep aids, a recent study suggests that women actually sleep better next to dogs. Canisius College in New York State conducted the study, which found that dogs make better bed partners than humans or cats.

Lead researcher Christy Hoffman surveyed nearly one thousand women in the United States to reach these findings. The results indicated that 55% of participants shared their bed with at least one dog and 31% with at least one cat. In addition, 57% of these women shared a bed with a human partner.

Hoffman’s research also uncovered why dogs make the best sleep companions. One reason is that dogs’ sleeping patterns more closely resemble those of humans compared to cats. Dogs are better at accommodating their owner’s sleep schedule, whereas human partners tend to have different sleep patterns that can disrupt sleep. Dogs also require certain schedules and responsibilities, which helps their owners maintain a routine and improve sleep quality.

Another advantage of sleeping next to dogs is their stillness and security. Unlike fidgety partners, dogs tend to stay on the bed throughout the night. Cats, on the other hand, are more likely to create disruptions by coming and going. In addition, dogs provide a sense of security to their owners, with their potential to alert them in case of an intruder or other emergencies.

While the study suggests that dogs are ideal sleep partners, it acknowledges that the benefits may vary from case to case. Factors such as snoring or making the bed too hot can affect sleep quality. It’s worth noting that the study is based on the volunteers’ perception of their pets’ effects on sleep quality and duration. More objective research is needed to definitively consider dogs superior sleeping partners. Nevertheless, Hoffman believes that further studies could prove valuable, given the number of households in the U.S. that have pets.

In conclusion, while science shows that women may sleep better next to dogs, individual preferences and circumstances should be taken into account. Future research, including the use of sleep-tracking devices, can provide a clearer understanding of how pets’ presence in the bed positively or negatively impacts sleep quality.