Paris Jackson: Proudly Embracing Her African-American Roots

Michael Jackson’s only daughter Paris proud of African-American roots, identifies as black

Paris Jackson, the only daughter of the late pop music icon Michael Jackson, recently shared that despite being of mixed race, she proudly identifies as a black woman. In honoring her father’s roots and legacy, Paris recognizes the importance of embracing her African-American heritage. Let’s explore the journey of Paris Jackson and her strong sense of identity.

The Jackson Family Legacy

Born on April 3, 1998, Paris Jackson is an American actress, model, and singer. As the daughter of Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe, she entered the world under the spotlight, along with her two brothers, Bigi and Prince. Throughout their childhood, their father did his best to shield them from the prying eyes of the public. However, with his untimely passing in 2009, Paris and her siblings found themselves thrust into the public eye.

Dealing with the Aftermath

The sudden loss of their father had a profound impact on Paris. She experienced post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and battled with her mental health, including episodes of audio hallucinations and severe paranoia. By age 15, she had attempted suicide multiple times, leading to her seeking help at a treatment facility in 2019. Paris struggled with self-hatred and low self-esteem, but with time and therapy, she began to heal.

Finding Strength in Family

Throughout her journey, Paris found solace and strength in the love and support of her family, particularly her big brother Prince. Their bond is unbreakable, with Paris looking up to him and seeking his approval. Prince acknowledges that Paris embodies their father’s spirit, sharing that she possesses both his strengths and weaknesses. Paris’s passion for music, her career as a model and actress, and her commitment to honoring her father’s legacy are all testaments to her connection with her dad.

Embracing Her Racial Identity

One aspect of her identity that Paris deeply connects with is her African-American heritage. Despite her fair complexion, Paris acknowledges her father’s African-American roots and confidently identifies as a black woman. She recalls her father looking her in the eyes and telling her to be proud of her roots. This unwavering support and guidance from her dad have shaped her understanding of her racial identity.

Facing Criticism with Resilience

Paris’s decision to identify as black has not been without scrutiny. Talk show host Wendy Williams, for example, mocked Paris’s choice, emphasizing the societal perception of race based on appearance and the treatment by authorities. However, Paris reminds us that her racial identity comes from her father, and she trusts the truth he shared with her. She proudly embraces her heritage, regardless of outward appearances or public opinion.

Paris Jackson: Continuing the Legacy

As Paris Jackson forges her own path in the world of entertainment, she remains committed to carrying forward her father’s legacy. From walking the runway for renowned fashion brands to pursuing her music career, Paris’s passion shines through. She honors her father’s memory by embracing her African-American roots and using her platform to spread love, acceptance, and appreciation for her heritage.

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