Glenn Close Embraces Natural Beauty and Resilience

At the age of 76, Hollywood legend Glenn Close has surprised and delighted her fans by sharing a series of no-makeup photos on Instagram. In the pictures, Close proudly displays two bruises on either side of her nose, which were the result of having a broken nose fixed. Rather than hiding behind filters or concealing her bruises, Close chose to flaunt her natural beauty and embrace her resilience.

In her captivating caption, she wrote, “I think this is going to be a particularly GOOD day. (Ignore the bruises. I had a tiny break in my nose fixed) Feeling as beautiful as ever.” Close’s candidness and positivity in the face of adversity resonated with her followers, as they flooded the comments section with support and admiration.

One Instagram user expressed their love for Close’s ability to laugh at herself, while another praised her for her overwhelming transparency. In fact, one fan even suggested that all actors should take a course on aging inspired by Glenn Close. It is clear that Close’s refreshing honesty and authenticity have captivated her fans and inspired them to embrace their own imperfections.

Currently starring in the new Apple TV+ series “The New Look,” Close continues to showcase her talent alongside other notable actors like Maisie Williams and John Malkovich. When asked about her decision to join the show, Close revealed that she was eager to work with executive producer Todd A Kessler, whom she had previously collaborated with on “Damages.” Close expressed her excitement and hopes to do justice to the character she portrays, Carmel Snow, an iconic figure in the history of fashion.

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