Warning: Bath Toys Can Be Dangerous for Kids

Mom issues warning after toddler nearly lost eyesight from bath toy

For most kids, bath time is a fun and enjoyable experience. And what makes it even better? Having lots of toys in the bath! However, one Illinois mom wants to raise awareness about a seemingly harmless bath toy that can actually be dangerous for children. Her young son, Baylor, suffered a horrific injury that almost caused him to lose his sight.

It all started when Eden Strong was giving Baylor, who is 2 years old, a bath. She noticed that his eye was irritated, but she initially dismissed it as water in his eye. Unfortunately, after the bath, Baylor’s condition worsened. He had developed cellulitis, a potentially serious bacterial skin infection. In just 12 hours, his eye went from being pink to infected.

In a viral Facebook post, Eden described the terrifying ordeal, saying, “His eye was protruding from his face. It was very obscured. He was running a raging fever. I cried the entire drive to a larger hospital, praying that he wouldn’t lose his eye. The next week was pretty scary. He had severe cellulitis that eventually spread down his face and to both eyes. They warned me that he may lose vision in the worse eye, but in the end, thank the Lord his eyes healed.”

The cause of Baylor’s eye injury? A squirting bath toy. Eden later discovered that these types of toys can harbor bacteria because the water is never fully expelled from them. This revelation prompted her to share shocking pictures of her son’s injuries on Facebook in order to warn other parents. The post has since been shared by over 192,000 people, with many parents sharing their own stories of similar incidents.

Strong hopes that manufacturers will consider this issue when producing bath toys. As a precaution, she threw away all of Baylor’s squeezable toys. She emphasizes the importance of prioritizing safety over cuteness, affordability, and convenience. “I think those toys especially are cute. They’re fun. They’re cheap and they’re easy, but it’s not worth it.”

Let’s spread the word about the potential dangers of bath toys. This family went through a terrifying experience, and we’re grateful that Baylor has recovered. Share this article to help raise awareness and protect other children from similar injuries.