If You Find These Scary-Looking Insects in Your Home, Here’s What It Means

We all encounter bugs in our homes from time to time, but there are some creepy crawlies that most of us would rather live without. Living in a rural area means you’re probably accustomed to flies, ants, spiders, and other insects finding their way into your home during the summer months and beyond. While spiders and flies may not bother you much, there’s one insect that many people find particularly unsettling: earwigs.

You’ve likely seen an earwig in your home before, even if you didn’t know what it was. These little insects may look intimidating with their pincers, but they’re actually harmless. However, having a horde of earwigs crawling around your house is not something most people enjoy. That’s why I found a simple hack for dealing with them that I want to share with you.

A Facebook user named Alicia Alexander recently shared a tried and tested method that helped her get rid of an earwig problem. She filled a shallow bowl with half a cup of olive oil and placed it in her backyard or on her deck. It turns out that earwigs are attracted to the sweetness of the olive oil, and once they climb into the bowl, they can’t climb out again. It’s a simple yet effective way to trap them.

According to Alicia, in less than 24 hours, she had managed to accumulate quite a few earwigs in the bowl. And after 36 hours, the number increased even further. If you’re dealing with an earwig infestation, this hack could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

But what does it mean if you have an unusual amount of earwigs in your home? Well, before we cause unnecessary panic, it’s important to note that the presence of earwigs could indicate problems with rotting wood. These insects are attracted to decaying wood, so make sure to check any wooden structures in your home. However, if earwigs are seeking warmer conditions inside your house, it’s nothing to be alarmed about. It’s normal, and their presence is unlikely to affect you in any way.

If you found this hack useful or have any other tips to share, let us know in the comments.