A Funny Story to Brighten Your Day

“It’s dark in here,” he whispered.

The man, thinking on his feet, replied, “Yes, it is.”

Curiosity getting the best of him, the boy continued, “I have a baseball.”

Showing casual interest, the man replied, “That’s nice.”

Seizing the opportunity, the boy offered, “Want to buy it?”

Surprised, the man inquired further, “No, thanks. Why would I want to buy it?”

Undeterred, the boy confidently revealed, “My dad’s outside.”

Curiosity turned into a willingness to negotiate, and the man asked, “Alright, how much?”

Without missing a beat, the boy confidently stated, “$250?”

They thought the incident was behind them, but fate had a different plan. Soon after, the boy and the lover found themselves in the closet together once again.

“It’s dark in here,” whispered the boy.

Accepting the reality, the man replied, “Yes, it is.”

Ready to make another lucrative deal, the boy offered, “I have a baseball glove.”

Aware of their previous encounter, the lover inquired, “How much this time?”

Unfazed, the boy replied, “$750?”

Without hesitation, the man agreed, “Alright, fine.”

A few days later, the father came to the boy with an invitation. “Grab your glove, let’s go outside and play catch,” he said.

To his surprise, the boy responded, “I can’t, I sold my baseball and my glove.”

Perplexed, the father questioned, “How much did you sell them for?”

Casually, the boy revealed, “$1,000?”

Shocked by his son’s audacity, the father scolded him, “That’s terrible! You shouldn’t overcharge your friends like that. They’re not worth that much!”

Feeling remorseful, the father decided to teach his son a valuable lesson. “We’re going to church,” he declared, “and you’re going to confess your wrongdoings.”

Arriving at the church, the father guided the boy into the confession booth and closed the door behind him. In the darkness, the boy couldn’t help but utter, “It’s dark in here.”

Quickly catching on, the priest playfully responded, “Don’t start that crap again!”

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