Meet Messi, the Canine Star of “Anatomy of a Fall” Who Stole the Show at the Oscars!

Last night, the Academy Awards took place and amidst all the glam and glitz, one actor managed to steal the show. And no, it wasn’t one of Hollywood’s A-listers like Ryan Gosling. It was actually Messi, the adorable border collie and star of the acclaimed French drama Anatomy of a Fall! This charismatic pooch won the hearts of movie fans everywhere this awards season.

With his prime seat at the ceremony and every shot of him going viral, Messi became the talk of the town. Host Jimmy Kimmel even declared his performance as the best of the year. But things weren’t always easy for Messi. According to his owner and trainer, Laura Martin Contin, he had trouble getting roles in the past due to his unique appearance and eyes. But that all changed when he got cast in the French courtroom drama.Video 2

In the film, Messi played Snoop, the guide dog of the main character’s blind son. It was a dream role for this talented pup, and he excelled in pivotal scenes, including one where he nearly dies from an overdose after eating aspirin. The amount of training that went into that one scene alone lasted two months! But Messi’s hard work paid off, as his performance was riveting and realistic.

Anatomy of a Fall was met with critical acclaim and even won the prestigious Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. Messi, too, received recognition for his outstanding performance and was awarded the Palm Dog Award, given to the best dog performance at the festival. While he wasn’t eligible for any official nominations at the Academy Awards, Messi still became a favorite of the awards season. He even appeared at the Oscars Luncheon, where stars like Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper were eager to meet him.

Initially, fans were disappointed to hear that Messi wouldn’t be attending the Oscars. However, it was soon revealed that he would indeed be a part of the show. A preview clip showed Jimmy Kimmel rehearsing jokes with Messi in his dressing room. And during the actual ceremony, Messi stole the spotlight once again. Kimmel praised his performance in his opening monologue and cracked jokes about it throughout the night.

Despite his newfound fame, Messi is still just a dog at heart. He enjoys chasing balls and living a normal life like any other pup. His owner, Laura Martin Contin, described him as a “fairly calm dog” who loves going for walks and playing ball. It’s safe to say that Messi has become one of Hollywood’s most beloved doggy actors.

Whether or not Messi ever receives an Oscar of his own, his stellar performance in Anatomy of a Fall will always be remembered as one of the year’s best. We’re grateful that this talented pooch got his big moment in the Hollywood spotlight! If you love Messi, please share this heartwarming story with others. ❤️🐾