John Cena’s Hilarious Naked Skit at the Oscars Gala

John Cena stole the show at this year’s Oscar’s ceremony with a side-splitting skit that left the audience in stitches. During the skit, Cena teamed up with host Jimmy Kimmel to present the Best Costume Design award. Before Cena took the stage, Kimmel jokingly asked the audience if they could imagine a nude man running across the stage. This playful remark was a nod to a streaker incident at the 1974 Academy Awards.

Cena, playing along with the joke, peeked around the curtain and announced, “I changed my mind. I don’t want to do the streaker bit. It’s an elegant event, and we should feel ashamed for suggesting such a tasteless joke. The male body is not a joke!” With his humor and charm, Cena had the audience captivated.

Eventually, Cena made his way to the stage to present the Best Costume Design award to the deserving winner, Poor Things. Although Cena appeared to be completely naked, a social media post later revealed that he was actually wearing skin-painted underwear behind the envelope. “He’s actually wearing skin-painted underwear. Great job by the makeup department,” one user commented. While some fans wished Cena had gone all-in with the bit, others applauded his modesty.

Cena’s daring and hilarious skit caused quite a buzz at the Dolby Theater, where the 96th Academy Awards took place. Many people took to social media to share their thoughts and reactions to Cena’s moment in the spotlight. The WWE star may not have been nominated for an Oscar this year, but he did have a small role in the movie Barbie, despite being initially advised against taking the part.

During a recent interview on the Howard Stern Show, Cena revealed that his agency had advised him not to accept the role in Barbie due to perceptions of what his brand represented. However, Cena is not one to be limited by others’ expectations. He firmly believes that every opportunity is worth exploring, regardless of preconceived notions. Eventually, his agency agreed to support his decision to take on the role.

Did you catch this year’s Oscars gala? Let us know what you thought of Cena’s hilarious skit and the other highlights of the night.