Man Accepts Adopting His Wife’s Nephews, but Not Her Niece

A Reddit user going by the name u/Own_Antelope3340 recently shared a story on the r/AITAH subreddit about a unique situation involving adoption. The man explained that his wife expressed a strong desire to adopt her niece and nephews after her sister was arrested. However, he had reservations about adopting his wife’s niece.

In the post, the OP revealed that his sister-in-law had been struggling with drug addiction and also engaging in drug dealing. After getting caught, she was facing a long time behind bars. The man shared that his sister-in-law had three children: two boys aged 4 and 5, and a 14-year-old girl.

According to the OP, no other family members were willing to step up and care for the children. Although he felt hesitant, the man agreed to accept the children under two conditions. Firstly, he wanted to legally adopt the children to avoid any interference from others regarding their upbringing. Secondly, he only wanted to adopt the boys and not the niece.

The man explained his reasoning, stating that the boys were still young and had the potential to be guided towards a better path. While they may be challenging now, he believed they could be positively influenced with time and effort. As for the niece, he felt she had already reached a point of no return.

The OP shared additional details about the niece’s behavior, mentioning that she had skipped school multiple times, engaged in violent fights with others, had a smoking problem, and even stole from their family. Furthermore, she had been in a relationship with a gang member who was arrested for a home invasion.

After a week of discussion with his wife, the couple was unable to find a solution. The OP was worried about the potential risks to their financial and personal security, while his wife insisted that she couldn’t abandon her niece in her time of need.

Redditors who read the story had varying opinions, with some labeling the OP as inconsiderate for not wanting to adopt his wife’s niece. They believed he should support her and help her turn her life around by giving her a fresh start.

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