Lauren Wasser’s Nightmare: The Hidden Dangers of Tampons

Have you ever heard of a hygiene item that could change someone’s life forever? It sounds unbelievable, but for Californian model Lauren Wasser, this became a harsh reality. In 2012, she lost her right leg due to a condition called toxic shock syndrome (TSS), all because of a tampon.

When Lauren visited the hospital with flu-like symptoms, little did she know that she was battling a dangerous infection. Instead of the flu, it turned out to be TSS caused by bacterial toxins from a tampon left in for too long. This shocking revelation left her in a coma for over a week, and when she woke up, doctors had no choice but to amputate her limb. She was only 24 years old.

Since that fateful day, Lauren’s mission has been clear – she wants to ensure that no other woman goes through the same nightmare she experienced. She is determined to raise awareness about the potential risks of using tampons and the importance of taking precautions.

The manufacturer of the tampons that caused Lauren’s life-altering reaction, Kotex Natural Balance, now faces a difficult legal battle. Lauren recognizes the significance of the matter, as she knows that the vagina, being the most absorbent part of a woman’s body, can be a gateway to vital organs. It is crucial for consumers to understand the reality of what could happen to them.

Recently, Lauren had to undergo yet another amputation, this time of her remaining leg. Despite these challenges, she remains hopeful and courageous. Paralympic athlete Amy Purdy, who knows the struggles of amputation all too well, expressed her admiration for Lauren’s bravery and determination. Lauren’s fight extends beyond herself; she is fighting for others so that they never have to endure what she did.

It is our responsibility to share Lauren’s story and raise awareness among all women about the potential dangers of tampons. Let’s ensure that no one else has to go through the nightmare that Lauren endured.