John Cena’s Hilarious Skit at the Oscars Gala

John Cena strips naked for hilarious skit at Oscars gala – and everyone's saying the same thing

John Cena had the audience roaring with laughter at this year’s Oscars ceremony in Los Angeles. The WWE star stripped completely naked for a skit performed with host Jimmy Kimmel. It all happened just before Cena was to present the Best Costume Design award.

Kimmel playfully asked the audience if they could imagine a nude man running across the stage. The reference was to an incident from the 1974 Academy Awards when a streaker ran through the stage. Cena joined in the joke by peeking around the curtain and admitting that he had changed his mind about doing the streaker bit. He felt it was not appropriate for such an elegant event.

“The male body is not a joke!” Cena added, emphasizing the importance of respecting one another. Eventually, Cena did appear on stage, presenting the award for Best Costume Design to the winners of “Poor Things.” His supposed modesty was protected by an envelope containing the winning nomination.

Shortly after the skit, a social media post revealed that Cena was actually wearing skin-painted underwear behind the envelope. Some people online were disappointed, wishing he had gone all-in or all-out. Nonetheless, Cena’s ‘naked’ appearance created quite a stir at the Dolby Theater, where the 96th Academy Awards were held.

Interestingly, Cena had a small role in the movie “Barbie” this year, even though he wasn’t nominated for an Oscar himself. He recently spoke about being advised not to take the role before its successful release. According to Cena, he was told that it was beneath him and not fitting for his image.

“But I’m not a commodity. I’m a human being,” Cena said on the Howard Stern Show. “And I operate under the construct of every opportunity is an opportunity.” Despite the initial reservations, Cena stood up for himself and decided to take on the role.

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