14 Objects That Left People Scratching Their Heads

Some objects we come across are not easy to figure out. They leave us puzzled, wondering what they could be used for. Fortunately, for those things whose purpose is not obvious, there is a big internet community that can help you discover something new. Here is a list of 14 random objects that have sparked people’s curiosity.

14. Small blue plastic object

Have you ever come across a random object, whether it was on a drive home from work, while digging through your drawers, or something that caught your eye in a shop, but you could never figure out what it was? Well, this Reddit user found a small blue plastic object with holes at the end in their house, and no one could figure it out. It turned out to be the antennae from a snail toy. Mystery solved!

13. A Red and Clear Rubber Toy

Sometimes you may stumble upon a random rubber toy in the playground, like this one found by a Reddit user. And while it may look interesting, you might wonder what its purpose is. Well, it turns out that it’s from a Lego Duplo playground set. Just missing its counterparts!

12. A Melted Plastic Cup

Have you ever found a melted plastic cup and wondered how it got that way? Well, one Reddit user thought they had found a weird object in their home, only to discover that it was actually just a melted drinking cup or insert that got damaged in a dishwasher. Mystery solved!

11. A Three-centimeter Translucent Plastic Object with a Flat Bottom

Cleaning out your drawers can sometimes lead to interesting discoveries, like this three-centimeter translucent plastic object found by a Reddit user. At first glance, it looks like a rubber bottle, but it turned out to be a toy hamster water bottle, upside down! How fascinating!

10. White Plastic Kitchen Utensil

While most kitchen tools are straightforward, there are some that may look “unusual.” Like this white plastic kitchen utensil found by a Reddit user. It turns out that it’s used to stir the contents in a blender. So simple, yet so useful!

9. Yellow Heavy Machinery

Sometimes we come across objects that make no sense to us, like this yellow heavy machinery. But don’t worry, the answer is unexpectedly simple. It’s actually a giant snowblower. Mystery solved!

8. Strange Things Floating in Water

Imagine finding strange things floating in your nightstand water. That’s exactly what happened to this Reddit user. But fear not, the mystery behind it was clarified by an online user. They explained that it looked like congealed polymer used in water treatment processes. Mystery solved!

7. An Interestingly Shaped Wooden Spoon

Crossing paths with interestingly shaped objects can be quite intriguing, like this wooden spoon found by a Reddit user. Turns out, it’s called an Ozhau, a traditional ladle from Kazakhstan. Some even claim it’s used for ladling cooked goat testicles out of a big pot. How fascinating!

6. Mystical Looking Wands

Have you ever stumbled upon something that looks like it’s straight out of a fantasy film? Well, this Reddit user found two mystical-looking wands in their mother’s attic. Surprisingly, they are actually called kīlas and are used as ritual implements. How mystical!

5. A Royal Blue Sculpture

Thrift stores can be a treasure trove of peculiar objects that catch our eyes. Just like this royal blue sculpture found by a Reddit user. It turns out that it’s a whale oil lamp, hand-blown and highly valued. What a find!

4. Two Hanging Marbles

Sometimes, in old houses, you might find objects that are no longer in use. Like these two hanging marbles found by a Reddit user in their 100-year-old house. But what could they be? Well, they are actually razor blade sharpeners from many decades ago. Mystery solved!

3. Unique Kitchen Tool

Ever come across an interesting teal object that you couldn’t identify? Well, this Reddit user did, and it sparked a discussion at the dinner table. Turns out, it’s a lemon juicer, a commonly used kitchen tool with a twist. How unique!

2. Oddly shaped metallic object

Sometimes, you might come across an oddly shaped metallic object that leaves you wondering what it is. This Reddit user knew they had guessed wrong, so they turned to the internet for answers. And the answer was surprisingly simple—it’s a body massager!

1. A Clay Sculpture

Finally, we have an oddly shaped clay sculpture brought to the attention of the internet by a curious Reddit user. What could it be used for? Well, it turns out that it’s an oil lamp. The big hole on the top is where the oil goes, and the small hole at the end holds the wick. Mystery solved!

So, the next time you stumble upon a mysterious object, don’t fret. There’s a whole internet community out there ready to help you uncover its secrets. Happy exploring!