Tim Allen on His Unbreakable Bond with Tom Hanks

Tim Allen, the beloved 69-year-old actor, has captured the hearts of audiences for decades with his on-screen performances. Through his illustrious career, he has formed numerous friendships, but there’s one person who stands above all others in the world of showbiz: his co-star from the iconic “Toy Story” franchise, Tom Hanks.

In a recent interview on the Kelly Clarkson show, Allen spoke about the deep connection he shares with Hanks. Despite their differences, Allen expressed his admiration for Hanks’ heart and mind. The pair have been going to lunch together since the first “Toy Story” movie, and their friendship has only grown stronger with time.

Allen humorously revealed that during the filming of “Toy Story 1”, Hanks helped himself to fries from his plate, which was something he wasn’t accustomed to. This gesture showed the level of trust and comfort that they have with each other.

Reflecting on their friendship, Allen said, “I don’t think I’ve ever trusted a human being as much as Tom to even listen to me and vice versa. We have very different opinions on so many things, but he’s gotten me to accept—he’s really a wonderful and engaging person. He’s the first guy to listen to me and doesn’t judge.”

It’s heartwarming to witness such a genuine and close friendship between two iconic actors. Both Allen and Hanks have managed to stay away from controversies throughout their long careers, a testament to their moral character.

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