Thanksgiving Drama

A 30-year-old woman found herself in a confusing situation during her boyfriend’s family Thanksgiving. Feeling the need to clear the air, she turned to Reddit for advice. Let’s dive into her story and see if she was at fault or not.

A Family Attached to the Past

The woman’s boyfriend had recently ended a long-term relationship with his high school sweetheart before they began dating. While he had moved on, his family members were still attached to his ex. His mother, in particular, was heartbroken over the breakup, considering the ex-girlfriend as part of their family since they had all grown up together.

Name Mix-up

Despite understanding that it might take time for his family to adjust, the woman faced difficulties with her boyfriend’s mother. For the first year, she would call her by the ex’s name. Even when she eventually stopped using the wrong name, she continuously called her the wrong name, like Jenny instead of Janet.

Thanksgiving Trouble

The woman found herself in another challenging situation during Thanksgiving. While at her boyfriend’s sister’s home for a barbecue, her boyfriend’s mother sarcastically suggested that she should cook the turkey for Thanksgiving, but once again, she used the wrong name. Although her boyfriend’s sisters laughed, the woman decided to take matters into her own hands.

Making a Point

When Thanksgiving arrived, the woman and her boyfriend showed up without the turkey. She assumed that Janet, the ex-girlfriend, was bringing it since her boyfriend’s mother had mentioned it before. This unexpected turn of events led to yelling, crying, and their eventual expulsion from the house.

Seeking Validation

After the incident, the woman’s boyfriend stopped speaking to her, leaving her unsure of the future of their relationship. Turning to Reddit for advice, she was relieved to find that many people sided with her. They saw her actions as a way of standing up for herself against her boyfriend’s mother’s constant disrespect. While some suggested she should have confronted the older woman directly, it seemed that nothing else had worked over the years.

In the end, the woman found solace in knowing she wasn’t alone and that many people understood her frustrations. The Thanksgiving drama may have caused some turmoil, but it also shed a light on the underlying issues within her relationship and the dynamics between her and her boyfriend’s mother.