A Mother’s Instinct: Protecting Her Children at All Costs

Texas mom tackles man suspected of peeping into 15-year-old daughter's bedroom in broad daylight

Mothers have an inherent instinct to protect their children. This was evident when Phyllis Pena, a courageous mom from Lake Jackson, Texas, took immediate action when she discovered a man peeping into her 15-year-old daughter’s bedroom window.

It was a normal morning on January 31st when Pena returned home and noticed the suspicious man outside her daughter’s window. Without hesitation, she promptly called the police to report the incident. The man, later identified as Zane Hawkins, attempted to flee, but the authorities were able to apprehend him.

While waiting outside with her daughter and the police, Hawkins tried to make another escape. However, Pena wasn’t going to let him get away that easily. She fearlessly tackled him, determined to keep her family safe. The entire incident was caught on an officer’s dashcam, capturing Pena’s brave act of defending her loved ones.

Sgt. Roy Welch commended Pena for her selflessness, saying, “It’s not very often that we have somebody that actually steps in, puts themselves in harm’s way to assist in apprehending somebody.” Although Pena put herself at risk, she would do it all over again to ensure the safety of her children.

Hawkins, the intruder, was arrested and now faces charges of possession of a controlled substance, evading arrest, and resisting arrest. Thanks to the quick thinking and bravery of this devoted mother, justice will be served.

As a parent, have you ever had to defend your children against someone? Can you imagine yourself having the strength to do so if the situation called for it? We would love to hear your thoughts and stories on our Facebook page. Let’s celebrate the unwavering love and courage of all the extraordinary mothers out there!

Watch the video below for the full story: