A Man Confronted for Using Men’s Bathroom in Front of Women

Large events like concerts can be a lot of fun, but they often come with inevitable challenges, one of the toughest being the bathroom situation. When intermissions finally arrive or things start to get busier, the lack of bathroom space is almost unavoidable. While men typically finish their business faster, it’s understandable that some women opt to use the men’s restroom rather than wait in a long line.

However, a problem arises when these female visitors start imposing their own rules and shaming men for using urinals in their presence, as highlighted by this man’s recent experience. Keep reading to find out what happened!

A man attending a major concert with his girlfriend found himself in need of a restroom break midway through the event. Despite being the only male in the restroom, he followed his standard bathroom protocol, heading to the urinals to relieve himself. However, upon exiting, he was confronted by a woman who accused him of inappropriate behavior.

The man defended his actions, stating that he did not expose himself to anyone. He simply opened his fly discreetly, making sure to face away from others. There was no one in his periphery at the time.

To make matters worse, the man’s girlfriend didn’t fully support him. While she didn’t consider it a dealbreaker, she felt he should have waited for a cubicle to become available. This caused the man to question whether he was in the wrong.

Many people on Reddit came to the man’s defense, saying that if women choose to use the men’s restroom, they should expect to see men using the urinals. Some even expressed concern over the girlfriend’s response, considering it a red flag for their relationship.

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