Savannah Chrisley Opens Up About Her Mom’s Heartbreaking Letters from Prison

Savannah Chrisley Shares Heartbreaking Letters Written By Her Mom Julie While She Serves Time In Prison

Savannah Chrisley, well-known for her role on “Chrisley Knows Best,” recently shared the emotional letters she received from her mom, Julie Chrisley, who is currently serving time in prison for financial fraud. In these heartfelt letters, Julie reveals her health struggles while behind bars.

As a breast cancer survivor, Julie has been dealing with various health issues during her time in prison. In one of the letters, Julie explains how she was called in to see a doctor who mentioned the possibility of a tumor. Savannah shared a part of the letter, where Julie expressed her fears and concerns about her health.

Reading these letters broke Savannah’s heart, especially because she had no prior knowledge of her mom’s situation. The lack of communication between the prison and the family deeply upset her. Savannah shared her frustration, saying, “They tell your family absolutely nothing. I wasn’t notified of any of this.” She worries about her mom’s well-being, not knowing if she has received proper medical attention.

Aside from her health worries, Julie also revealed the difficult tasks that she and other female prisoners are assigned. In one letter, Julie informed Savannah about water main breaks in the prison, where the women were given tools and expected to fix the problem.

Savannah’s videos and updates about her parents have garnered mixed reactions from her followers. It’s important to note that these letters are from over a year ago, written by Julie during her time in prison. Savannah hopes and prays that her mom’s health concerns are resolved and that Julie is doing well.

In addition to sharing her personal experiences, Savannah runs a podcast where she discusses various topics related to motherhood, parenting, and entertainment. She aims to create a safe space for moms and moms-to-be, empowering them with the knowledge and support they need.

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