Janelle Brown’s Heartfelt Statement on Her Son’s Passing

Garrison Brown's Final Instagram Post Leaves Fans In Tears

Janelle Brown, alongside her husband Kody, has shared a heartfelt statement in the wake of their son’s tragic passing. In her statement, she expressed deep sadness and described their son, Robert Garrison Brown, as a bright light in the lives of all who knew him. She emphasized the immense void his loss has left in their lives and asked for privacy during this difficult time. Janelle also urged everyone to join them in honoring Garrison’s memory.

Recent reports have shed light on Garrison Brown’s final text messages to the people closest to him. According to TMZ, these messages played a crucial role in prompting Janelle to ask one of Garrison’s brothers to check on him at his home in Flagstaff, Arizona. Tragically, when his brother arrived, Garrison had already passed away. The text messages, which were sent to a group of people Garrison worked with, revealed his bittersweet emotions as he expressed missing happier times, despite the pain.

Garrison Brown’s untimely passing has left fans heartbroken. Just six days before his death, he shared a poignant Instagram post featuring a photo of himself holding a cat. Garrison had recently adopted the cat named Ms. Buttons. In the caption, he described her as the newest addition to his home, providing a glimpse into his caring nature. Fans flooded the comments section with condolences and inquiries about the shelter Garrison volunteered at, as they wanted to make donations in his honor. At present, there is no confirmed answer regarding the shelter.

According to TMZ’s initial report, Garrison Brown’s cause of death is believed to be suicide. The Flagstaff police, who were called to check on Garrison, confirmed his passing and discovered that he had sustained a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Garrison’s brother, Gabriel, was the one who first found him. The investigation is ongoing, and it remains uncertain whether Garrison left behind a note.

The Brown family has been in the spotlight recently, with news of Kody and Janelle’s separation being made public a few months ago. This heartbreaking loss of their son has undoubtedly compounded their family’s challenges. As fans and supporters mourn the loss of Garrison, their thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Brown family during this difficult time.

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