Tish Cyrus Accused of Stealing Her Daughter’s Boyfriend

The bond between a mother and daughter is undoubtedly one of the most cherished relationships in life. However, sometimes, things take a turn for the worse. In the case of Tish Cyrus and her daughter, rumors have surfaced claiming that Tish “stole” her daughter’s boyfriend, Dominic Purcell. Let’s explore this intriguing story further.

A Family Controversy Unveiled

Tish Cyrus, a 56-year-old woman, has found herself at the center of a scandal. She is accused of snatching her daughter’s boyfriend, 54-year-old actor Dominic Purcell, best known for his role in Prison Break. While Purcell remains tight-lipped about the situation, he was recently spotted embarking on a sea adventure with his surfboard.

The rumors suggest that Purcell was initially dating Tish’s younger daughter, 24-year-old Noah Cyrus, before Tish allegedly intervened and “claimed” him for herself. This revelation has raised eyebrows and garnered attention in the media. Some sources claim that Tish started messaging Purcell on social media, intending to capture his attention.

A Troubling Situation

It is quite unnerving to witness a mother and daughter express interest in the same man. According to one account, Noah was involved with Dominic before her mother, Tish, entered the scene and began vying for his affection. While the exact timeline remains unclear, it appears that an overlap may have occurred, contributing to the apparent estrangement between mother and daughter. Intriguingly, Noah notably did not attend her mother’s wedding to Purcell, despite both of them being in the same city.

None of the family members, including Tish and Noah, have officially commented on these allegations. Recently, Tish and Dominic were seen together in Los Angeles, but they avoided the media’s inquiries by traveling in separate vehicles.

Family Fractures and Divisions

The Cyrus family seems to be going through a challenging period, with everyone seemingly “choosing sides.” It is possible that the fracture began following the divorce of Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus. While Miley Cyrus seems to be supporting her mother, Noah appears to have grown closer to her father.

This piece of alleged news sheds some light on the family’s divide and explains why a few of Tish’s children decided to skip her wedding.

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