Normalizing Gender-Fluid Fashion: Meet Mark Bryan

Meet Mark, a straight & happily married guy who loves wearing high heels and skirts on a daily basis

Mark Bryan, a 61-year-old engineer from Germany, is challenging gender stereotypes with his bold fashion choices. While high heels were originally worn by men in the 10th century, they have now become predominantly associated with women. However, Mark is among the growing number of modern men who are reclaiming this popular type of shoe. He believes that clothes should have no gender, and he confidently rocks pumps, boots, and skirts.

Mark’s unique style has garnered attention on social media, particularly on Instagram, where he has amassed a following of nearly 660,000 users. His diverse wardrobe choices are accompanied by his empowering words, emphasizing the normality of his clothing practices. Mark prefers skirts over dresses as it allows him to pair them with more conventionally “masculine” tops.

As an engineer and a father of three, Mark is leading by example in challenging societal norms. He believes in open communication with his children, teaching them that clothing does not determine one’s sexuality or gender. His daughter is one of his biggest fans, eagerly waiting for the opportunity to borrow some of her father’s unique clothing items. Even Mark’s wife supports his fashion choices and assists him in picking out outfits.

Although Mark receives negative comments and encounters judgment from others, he reminds them that their reactions would be different if he were wearing more traditional pants. Despite the criticism, Mark continues to embrace his personal style with confidence and pride.