Remembering Elizabeth Montgomery: The Iconic Actress Who Stole Our Hearts

She became a household name & global phenomenon but her sudden death shocked us all

When it comes to the name Elizabeth Montgomery, it’s impossible not to remember the little twinkle that accompanied her character’s nose twitch on Bewitched. This stunning actress not only became a household name and global phenomenon in the 1960s but also captured the hearts of many, including myself.

Most actors and actresses rely on makeup and hair stylists to enhance their appearance, but Elizabeth was a natural beauty. Watching her on Bewitched was a joy because she didn’t need any help to shine.

So what happened to Elizabeth Montgomery after her run as Samantha Stephens in the 1960s sitcom? In 2023, the talented actress would have celebrated her 90th birthday, but let’s take a look back at her extraordinary career in film and television before her untimely death in 1995.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Elizabeth Montgomery was born in Los Angeles on April 15, 1933, to a Broadway actress and film star. Acting was in her blood from a young age, and she expressed her desire to become an actress to her father, the renowned actor Robert Montgomery.

Growing up, Elizabeth attended school in California before moving to New York City, where she pursued her acting dreams. She graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and started making appearances on her father’s show, Robert Montgomery Presents. She also made her Broadway debut in 1953.

Love and Stardom

While Elizabeth’s career continued to flourish, her personal life had its ups and downs. She experienced failed marriages and short-lived relationships. However, fate had something special in store for her.

During the filming of Johnny Cool, Elizabeth crossed paths with William Asher, a director and TV producer. Not only did he become instrumental in her career, but the two also fell in love. They married in 1963 and had three children together.

Bewitched: The Role that Made Her Immortal

As much as Elizabeth’s talent shone in shows like Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Loretta Young Show, The Untouchables, and The Twilight Zone, her most iconic role was that of Samantha Stephens on Bewitched.

This supernatural comedy aired for eight seasons from 1964 to 1972 and catapulted Elizabeth into superstardom. She became a household name, and everyone tried to imitate Samantha’s famous nose twitch. But Elizabeth didn’t expect the show’s success.

“I’d never thought much about a series because I liked the idea of picking a script I liked with a character I thought I could sustain for an hour. In a series, you live with one character day in and day out – and you only hope it will be one that will not drive you crazy,” Elizabeth shared in an interview.

A Diverse Career and Tragic End

After Bewitched came to an end and her marriage with Asher ended, Elizabeth continued to star in many made-for-television movies. These roles showcased her versatility as an actress, and she proved that she could shine in a variety of characters.

Tragically, Elizabeth’s career was cut short when she lost her battle with colon cancer on May 18, 1995. She was only 57 years old. Her family reported her age at the time of her death, but there is some discrepancy about her birth year, which could have made her 62.

Elizabeth fought the disease for years and believed she was cancer-free until she became ill while filming Deadline for Murder: From the Files of Edna Buchanan. By the time she sought medical attention, it was too late, and the cancer had spread.

Elizabeth passed away peacefully in her sleep at her home in Beverly Hills. She was surrounded by her husband and three children. A month later, a moving memorial was held in her honor at the Canon Theatre in Beverly Hills.

Elizabeth Montgomery left behind a remarkable legacy in the world of entertainment. Not only was she the queen of witches on Bewitched, but she also became the queen of TV movies. Her beauty, talent, and ability to captivate audiences will never be forgotten.

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