Queen Camilla Reacts to Prince Harry’s Rushed Return

Sensational reports suggest that Queen Camilla was left infuriated by Prince Harry’s decision to rush back to the UK upon learning of his father’s cancer diagnosis. RadarOnline, citing the National Enquirer, has claimed that Camilla was responsible for limiting the meeting between Harry and Charles to just thirty minutes.

Harry’s prompt return from the US did not lay the groundwork for future peace talks as some had hoped. Instead, his meeting with his father was kept brief, with Charles traveling to the royal estate of Sandringham by helicopter. Rumors circulate that Harry was not even allowed to follow.

The exact details of the meeting remain unknown and are unlikely to be shared with the public. Similarly, information about Charles’ cancer has been withheld, leaving the extent and stage of his illness a mystery.

However, Harry’s recent trip to the UK was far from welcomed by all the royals. It is strongly speculated that Prince William had no intention of seeing his younger brother. Furthermore, according to a report by RadarOnline, Queen Camilla was left fuming as a result of Harry’s actions.

Unnamed sources from the National Enquirer claim that Her Majesty was furious with Harry for flying in from his lavish California home without obtaining palace approval, stating that he came with an attitude. The same report alleges that Harry insisted Camilla leave the room before speaking to his father—a move that did not sit well with Camilla.

Camilla and Harry have had a strained relationship for years, with tensions stemming from Harry’s belief that she played a role in the breakdown of Charles’ marriage to Princess Diana. The report suggests that Camilla has endured years of criticism from Harry but reached her breaking point when he used his father’s cancer as a public relations stunt.

According to the sources, Camilla confronted Harry after the father-son reunion, expressing her dissatisfaction with his behavior and making it clear that he is not welcome back.

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