The Real Problem in Education: A Retired Teacher’s Perspective


As a retired teacher, I am tired of people who have little understanding of public schools or haven’t set foot in a classroom in years, making decisions regarding our education system. The issue lies not with the teachers, but with the parents. They are failing to teach their children fundamental values like manners, respect, and basic social skills.

It is disheartening to see children come to school wearing expensive shoes that cost more than a teacher’s entire outfit, yet they lack basic school supplies like pencils and paper. Who ends up providing these necessities? Oftentimes, it is the teachers who dig into their own pockets to ensure their students have what they need.

When we assess schools that are deemed to be “failing,” we must examine the parents and students. Are parents actively involved in attending parent nights and engaging in regular communication with teachers? Are they ensuring that their children are prepared by providing the necessary supplies and completing homework assignments?

It is essential to consider if parents are providing working telephone numbers and encouraging their children to take notes in class and complete homework. Are the students attentive listeners or are they regularly causing disruptions? These factors reveal that the real issue lies with the parents, not the schools.

Teachers cannot fulfill both their own responsibilities and those of the parents. Until parents step up and fulfill their role, no significant improvement can be made in the education system. It is time for parents to take action and be actively involved in their children’s education.

Now, we turn to you, our esteemed readers. Do you agree with the opinions expressed by this former teacher? The topic of education and child care is relevant to all of us, and your perspective matters. Share your thoughts with us and help spread this message on Facebook, so we can encourage a meaningful dialogue and find solutions together. Let’s work towards creating a better future for our children.