Would You Step in and Stop Bullying?

Bullying is a harsh reality that many children face today. It’s a situation that demands our attention and action. So, let me ask you this: if you witnessed a child being bullied, would you step in and lend a helping hand? This is exactly what Matt Bendeira from YouTube’s MattTV wanted to find out. He conducted a hidden camera social experiment to see if bystanders would intervene when faced with bullying.

In a YouTube video, Matt explained his motive: “Last time I filmed a video with a boy being bullied. This time, I wanted to see how people would react if they saw a girl being bullied in public. The results were surprising!” Intriguing, isn’t it?

The Experiment Unfolds

The video opens with two girls approaching another girl who is alone. They start teasing her, asking to see her backpack, and then throwing it back and forth. The victim tries to catch her bag, pleading, “give it back!”

At this point, a statistic appears on the screen: “70.6 percent of students say they have seen bullying in their schools.” The text goes on to explain that they had previously filmed a boy being bullied and wanted to gauge the public’s reaction to a girl being bullied.

The Brave Bystanders

The bullying continues right in front of a couple sitting on a bench. They witness the bullies snatch the girl’s drink and throw it on the ground. Then, they rummage through her backpack. Outraged, the man exclaims, “Are you serious right now?”

The woman on the bench asks, “Where are your girls’ parents?” She then takes a stand against the bullying, showing her support for the victim. She questions the bullies, asking why they are engaging in such behavior. With empathy, she reminds them, “That’s not nice. You need to think about your actions and how you’re treating her.” She further explains, “You need to treat people how you want to be treated.” Finally, she demands that they return the bag and leave the girl alone.

In another scenario, a woman sits alone on a bench as the girls subject the victim to similar taunts about her appearance. Without a moment’s hesitation, the woman steps in. She boldly questions the bullies, “Excuse me. What are you doing? Stop doing this. Are you bullying her? Did your mother teach you that?” She emphasizes the importance of treating everyone equally, stating, “We are all human beings… Respect her. She’s smart. She’s beautiful.”

Then, a third incident unfolds before a woman engrossed in a book. The girls target the victim’s appearance and seize her backpack. Without delay, the woman stands up and confronts the bullies. She asks, “What are you doing?” and instructs one of the girls to pick up the scattered belongings. Making a powerful point, she poses a question to the bullies, “Would you like it if I threw your stuff on the ground?” Concerned for the victim’s well-being, she checks if she’s okay. Finally, she reprimands the bullies, commanding them to leave and learn some manners. In a final statement, she questions, “What would your mother think of this? Would she like you treating people this way? I bet she wouldn’t.”

Stand Up Against Bullying

These incredible individuals stood up against bullying, demonstrating compassion, and advocating for kindness. Their actions serve as an inspiration for us all. So, the next time you witness someone being bullied, remember the example set by these brave people. Step in, lend a helping hand, and make a difference in someone’s life. Together, we can create a world free from bullying.