People want to tip less after restaurant server brags about earnings

A recent video on TikTok has caused quite a stir among viewers, leading to a potential change in tipping behavior. The video featured Amanda, a 23-year-old server at Texas Roadhouse in New York, boasting about her earnings from a three-hour shift. While some viewers applauded her success, many others were taken aback and are now vowing to tip less when dining out.

In the video, Amanda proudly shares her receipts from the shift, revealing how much she earned from each table. The total amount, combined with her hourly pay, amounted to an impressive $59 per hour on average. This revelation has sparked a debate among online users about the appropriate amount to tip servers.

Many viewers expressed their frustration with the video, stating that it has given them a reason to tip less. One commenter mentioned that they had seen similar videos before and it made them realize that they need to lower their tipping amount. Another commented that their 15% tip has now turned into a 5% tip. These sentiments were echoed by several others in the comments section.

Others took a different perspective, suggesting that the tips should go to the people who make the food rather than the servers. They argue that cooks and kitchen staff play a crucial role in the dining experience and deserve higher wages. This perspective sheds light on the disparity between front-of-house positions, like servers, who receive tips, and back-of-house positions, like cooks, who do not.

While the video has sparked a backlash, there are still some viewers who admire Amanda’s success as a server. They believe that her earnings are a reflection of her excellent performance and skill. However, it remains to be seen how Amanda’s earnings will be affected by the negative reaction to her video.


What I made in a 3 hour shift at Texas Roadhouse! It was a slow day so i only worked for 3 hours. #texasroadhouse #serverlife #server #waitress #tips #servertiktok #money

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So, how much do you usually tip your server at a restaurant? Has Amanda’s video discouraged you from being as generous with your tips? It’s a conversation worth having, so share your thoughts and let’s hear what your friends have to say!