A Unique Love Story: Woman Marries Life-Sized Ragdoll

Everyone finds love in different ways, and for one woman from Brazil, her journey to love took an untraditional turn. Meet Meirivone Rocha Moraes, a 37-year-old woman who made headlines around the world for marrying a life-sized ragdoll named Marcelo.

Their wedding became an international spectacle, but what’s even more astonishing is that the couple now has three children together. They are proud parents to a 1-year-old son named Marcelinho and newborn twin daughters, Marcela and Emilia.

Meirivone’s life, like any mother and wife, is challenging. She updates people on her life through TikTok, where she shares the realities of being a parent and the unique dynamics of her marriage. While Marcelo takes care of the family’s finances, Meirivone and Marcelo equally share the responsibilities of parenting. Their journey as a couple and parents is not an easy one, but Meirivone finds joy in every moment with her unconventional family.

Having children brings its own set of challenges, and Meirivone acknowledges the difficulties. “It’s not easy, but at the same time, I get emotional every moment, every second,” she said. They face the everyday tasks of raising newborn twins and taking care of their firstborn child, and even when fatigue sets in, Marcelo is there to support her by helping with bathing, eating, and sleeping.

Although Marcelo has concerns, Meirivone believes that everything they have is worth it. “Despite his worries, he always dreamed of having a family and children, so this is all he ever wished for,” she shared.

Their dreams don’t end at parenthood; they have their sights set on owning their own home. Meirivone’s current dream is to have a place they can call their own. Since their wedding in 2018, she has been tirelessly searching the internet for an opportunity to make this dream a reality. She is determined not to give up.

While their relationship is certainly unique, it hasn’t been without its challenges. In June 2023, Meirivone revealed that Marcelo had cheated on her, and this was not the first time. As a consequence, she made him sleep on the couch and removed his genitalia as a punishment. These difficulties tested their bond, but they managed to overcome them.

In February 2023, their son Marcelinho was kidnapped, and a ransom of $200 was demanded. Fortunately, Marcelinho was safely reunited with his family. They celebrated this joyful reunion by hosting a gender reveal party for their twins.

This is a truly extraordinary family, facing their own set of unique problems while still managing to persevere. Share this remarkable love story with others so they, too, can learn about this exceptional family and the extraordinary journey they are on.