The Unbelievable Transformation of Sahar Tabar: Chasing the Dream Look

We’ve all heard stories about people going to extremes to achieve their dream look, but Iranian Instagrammer Sahar Tabar took it to a whole new level. Sahar gained massive online fame in 2017 when she shared shocking pictures of herself that were drastically different from anything you normally see. According to Turkish media reports, Sahar has undergone over 50 plastic surgeries and lost 90 pounds to obtain the look she desires.

With over 400,000 followers on Instagram, Sahar kept everyone updated on her transformation journey. Many believed that her goal was to look like the iconic actress Angelina Jolie, but Sahar denied these claims. She explained that she didn’t aspire to resemble anyone else and that the Angelina rumor was false. Some even compared her appearance to Emily, the Corpse Bride from Tim Burton’s stop-motion film.

Sahar considered her photos to be a form of art and expressed her love for experimenting with makeup and photo editing. Over the years, she underwent multiple procedures, including rhinoplasty, lip fillers, and liposuction. Plastic surgery is popular in Iran, especially nose surgeries, and Sahar saw it as an opportunity to gain recognition and fame, despite her mother’s disapproval.

While some critiqued Sahar for altering her appearance too drastically, she focused on the acceptance of her family and her faith. Sahar disregarded negative opinions from the rest of the world, emphasizing that she had enough support from her loved ones. However, her newfound celebrity status and controversial images didn’t sit well with the Iranian regime and lawmakers.

In October 2019, Sahar was arrested, her Instagram account was deleted, and she faced charges of “corruption” and “blasphemy.” In December 2020, she was sentenced to 10 years in prison, sparking outrage from human rights activists. Masih Alinejad sought help and called upon Angelina Jolie to use her voice in support of Sahar’s freedom. Miraculously, after just 14 months, Sahar was released from prison. It’s believed that the current tumultuous situation in Iran and ongoing protests played a role in her early release.

After regaining her freedom, Sahar made a TV appearance where she unveiled her natural face. She admitted to undergoing some cosmetic procedures but revealed that many of the infamous images that made her famous were the result of makeup and editing in Photoshop. While her official Instagram account is still deactivated, there are other social media accounts that continue to share both old and new pictures of Sahar.

In the end, it’s not for us to judge Sahar or anyone else’s choices. People have the freedom to be who they want to be and look however they please. Sahar’s story goes far beyond just eyebrow-raising pictures, and one can only hope that she’s now out of trouble and can live her life in peace.