Mariah Carey’s Bold Fashion Choice Ignites Controversy

54-year-old Mariah Carey criticized for red carpet outfit – 'this is not something you should be wearing'

Mariah Carey, the beloved singer and icon of her generation, recently caused a stir with her daring fashion choice at a star-studded event. The 54-year-old artist turned heads with her unconventional outfit, leaving many divided in their opinions.

Attending the third annual Recording Academy Honors, Mariah Carey wore a form-fitting cream dress adorned with sheer caramel-colored tulle details. The dress accentuated her figure and garnered praise from fans who felt it was made for her. However, not everyone was as accepting of the outfit.

Critics argued that the dress was inappropriate for someone of her age, suggesting that Mariah should have chosen something more modest. One comment stated, “Maybe in the early ’90s, Mariah, but that’s not really something you should be wearing at 54.” Another person mentioned, “At a certain age, you just need to cover it up…” These comments reflect the ongoing scrutiny faced by celebrities like Mariah Carey.

Mariah Carey Red Carpet

Unfortunately, Mariah is no stranger to online criticism, with people frequently leaving judgmental comments on her social media posts. In 2017, she faced fat-shaming comments when she shared pictures of herself and her then-boyfriend Bryan Tanaka on Instagram. Such hurtful remarks targeted her appearance and body size, demonstrating the unfair treatment she has endured.

Mariah Carey Social Media

It’s essential to remember that celebrities have the right to wear what they feel comfortable in, regardless of public opinion. Mariah Carey possesses the confidence to embrace her own style, and her fashion choices should be celebrated.

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