Brad Pitt Finds Happiness in New Relationship

Brad Pitt, once considered the most eligible bachelor on Earth, has found happiness again in a new relationship with Ines de Ramon. The couple recently celebrated Pitt’s milestone 60th birthday with a low-key week, emphasizing his commitment to De Ramon. This marks Brad’s first proper relationship since his divorce from Angelina Jolie.

According to a source, Brad Pitt has been introducing De Ramon as his girlfriend. The insider revealed, “It’s great to see him in a good place. Ines makes him very happy.” After a rocky road following his separation from Jolie, it seems that Pitt has finally found love again.

His high-profile marriage to Jolie, famously known as ‘Brangelina,’ captivated the media’s attention. However, the couple’s relationship came to an end in 2016, leading to a tumultuous divorce and a custody battle over their six children. The wounds of their separation still linger for both parties.

In a recent disclosure, an email from Jolie to Pitt was made public, referencing an infamous plane incident where Pitt was allegedly intoxicated and engaged in aggressive behavior towards their children. This revelation added to the already strained relationship between the former couple.

Furthermore, in an old Instagram story, one of Pitt’s adopted sons, Pax, expressed his disillusionment with his father. Pax labeled him a “f****ing awful human being” and warned that the truth would eventually be revealed. The teenager accused Pitt of causing constant turmoil and neglecting the well-being of his four youngest children.

Despite these challenges, Brad Pitt now focuses on the present and his newfound happiness with Ines de Ramon. Their relationship offers a fresh start and a chance for Pitt to finally leave the past behind.