The Unexpected Wedding Dress Demand

The anticipation for her wedding day was building, and like many brides, she had her heart set on wearing a pristine white gown. However, her husband-to-be’s reaction was far from what she expected. When she surprised him with the beautiful white dress, he demanded that she wear red instead. This shocking demand left her confused and questioning their future together.

A Surprising Request

In November 2022, an anonymous woman shared her story on Reddit’s “Off My Chest” forum. She revealed that she had been in a relationship with her fiancé, Ryan, for six years and they had been engaged for eight months. While she took charge of most of the wedding planning, Ryan occasionally offered his input.

About a month ago, in October, Ryan surprised her with an unexpected request – he suggested that she should not wear a white dress for their wedding. This proposition puzzled her, but she brushed it off, thinking it might be related to his artistic nature or some creative consideration.

The Dress that Caused a Storm

A white bridal gown | Source: Pexels

Despite their argument, the woman remained firm in her desire to wear white. However, two weeks before their wedding, things took a turn for the worse. When she finally purchased her white wedding dress, Ryan became visibly irritated and insisted on seeing it. She declined, wanting to keep it a surprise for their special day.

Ryan persisted and asked about the color of the dress. When she revealed that it was white, his reaction was explosive. He believed that brides should only wear white if they were “pure.” This revelation left her bewildered as wearing white was a conventional choice for brides. She probed deeper, trying to understand his preference for red, but it only revealed more insecurities about her past.

The Struggle for Acceptance

A woman in a white bridal dress looking confused while holding a tablet | Source: Shutterstock

In a desperate attempt to change her mind, Ryan sought support from his mother, but even she sided with the woman. A tense confrontation ensued, with Ryan, his mother, and the woman arguing vigorously about the symbolism tied to her chosen dress.

Even though Ryan was no longer a virgin himself, his insistence on her wearing red reduced him to tears. He believed that her wearing white would deceive their wedding guests and claimed that the standards were somehow different for men.

Reconsidering the Future

The woman was left feeling disgusted by Ryan’s actions and seriously reconsidered their future together. She couldn’t understand why he fixated on her past, especially her loss of virginity when they hadn’t even met yet. This revelation weighed heavily on her, leading her to seek understanding from others.

In a later update, she found herself in an entirely new predicament. Having broken off the engagement, she faced her first date in six years. Uncertain about what attire would be appropriate, commenters suggested she wear red.

After reading this story, would you have made the same decision as the woman?