Ellen’s Drastic Decision: A Lesson in Boundaries

Ellen and her husband David were thrilled for their daughter Lisa’s upcoming wedding. Lisa had worked hard, graduating from medical school and finding her soulmate, Ric. To show their pride and love, Ellen and David bought Lisa a house as a gift. It wasn’t grand, but it was perfect for Lisa.

One evening, Lisa called Ellen and David, expressing her desire for Ric to move in with her. David hesitated at first, but eventually agreed – after all, Ric would soon be their son-in-law.

Excited about the upcoming wedding, Lisa and Ric decided to organize a family dinner to introduce their parents. Ellen and David were eager to meet Ric’s parents, but they had no idea that this dinner would turn into a nightmare.

While preparing the barbecue outside, David and their younger daughter Leah hurriedly left the house and insisted on going home. Concerned, Ellen respected David’s instincts.

Once inside the car, David revealed that he overheard Ric’s parents saying they wouldn’t invite Ellen and David to the wedding but would still expect them to pay for it. Shocked, Ellen couldn’t understand why they would exclude Lisa’s own parents from such an important event.

The next day, Ellen went straight to Lisa’s house. Knocking repeatedly, she finally confronted Ric’s mother. Accusing Ellen of influencing Lisa too much, Ric’s mother declared that Lisa was now like them and didn’t need her parents’ influence in her life. Shockingly, she announced that she and her husband had moved in with Lisa and Ric, and the four of them would be living together. They even mentioned that Ellen and David would receive part of the wedding bill, even without being invited.

Heartbroken and bewildered, Ellen called Lisa to ask her to reconsider. Unfortunately, Lisa respected her in-laws’ decision. In a final act of desperation, Ellen sold the house, as it was still under her name. She felt the need to establish boundaries and protect her family.

“I just taught our future in-laws a lesson in boundaries,” Ellen wrote.

Since then, Lisa moved into a small apartment near her workplace, and the whereabouts of Ric’s parents remained unknown. Although Lisa and Ric continued their relationship, they still haven’t gotten married.

Ellen shared this story to seek opinions on whether her decision to sell the house and use the money to buy her other daughter a car was justified.

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