Smokey Robinson Reveals Affair with Diana Ross: A Musical Connection That Transcended Friendship

Smokey Robinson, the iconic 83-year-old music legend, recently opened up about his deep friendship with Diana Ross, and revealed that their connection went beyond mere companionship, evolving into a passionate affair. In an interview with the Guardian, Robinson shared that this love affair lasted for about a year, while he was still married to his first wife, Claudette Rogers.

Reflecting on their extraordinary bond, Robinson spoke fondly of their enduring friendship, which began at the tender age of 10. Growing up as neighbors in the same residential area, their shared love for music brought them even closer. Interestingly, they also happened to live in the same neighborhood as another legendary singer, Aretha Franklin.

“I look back at those years and it’s truly heartwarming to realize that we were just young kids playing together, completely unaware of the incredible paths that awaited us,” Robinson shared with a gentle smile. “To see Diana and these other dear friends become global sensations fills me with immense joy. We were blessed.”

Robinson confessed that, as a teenager, he had a crush on Aretha Franklin. However, it was his connection with Diana Ross that ultimately blossomed into something more profound. Robinson emphasized that their romantic involvement wasn’t a deliberate pursuit on either of their parts, but rather a natural progression.

“She was young and striving to build her career. I wanted to help her and believed in her talent,” Robinson explained. “I brought her to Motown Records to give her the platform she deserved. Neither of us was intentionally seeking a romantic relationship at the time.”

As time went on, their affair naturally came to an end. Ross realized the complexities of their situation, knowing that Robinson still deeply loved his wife, Claudette. Robinson deeply cherished his wife, and their love remained strong throughout the years.

Recalling this transformative chapter of his life, Robinson described how his affair with Ross taught him a profound lesson about love—a lesson many of us struggle to comprehend.

“I realized that it is possible to love more than one person at the same time,” Robinson reflected. “Society often stigmatizes this, but it’s not about one person being unworthy or falling short of expectations. It’s about our capacity to feel deeply for others. Love is not something we can control. If we could, nobody would dare to love, nobody would take that risk. What would be the point of opening your heart to someone if you weren’t vulnerable to pain and those intense emotions?”

While Robinson candidly acknowledged his affair with Ross, he also decisively dismissed the rumors that he and Ross were the biological parents of the late Michael Jackson.

“They’re saying I’m the baby daddy?” Robinson chuckled heartily. “Hehehehe! Hooohooho! They claim Diana Ross and I are the parents of Michael? Oh my God! I’ve never heard that one, man! That’s a good one. That’s really funny!