Katy Perry Quits ‘American Idol’ After 7 Seasons, Fans Celebrate

Katy Perry, the beloved judge of American Idol, has made the decision to step away from the popular show after seven seasons. While some may feel saddened by her departure, fans are actually celebrating this move as Katy Perry focuses on her own personal journey.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Perry revealed that she will be performing at the Rock in Rio music festival in Brazil in September. This exciting opportunity has led her to conclude that this will be her final season on American Idol. While she cherishes her time on the show, Perry has expressed the need to follow her own rhythm.

Joining the judges’ panel in 2018 for the show’s 16th season, Katy Perry formed strong bonds with her fellow judges, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie. However, they were unaware of her departure until her announcement. Nonetheless, they knew that Perry had exciting plans lined up for this year.

Following the news of Katy Perry’s departure, her loyal fans took to social media to show their support and express their joy. They believe that leaving American Idol is a positive move for Perry and her music career. Fans are eagerly anticipating her next era, which they believe will be a massive success.

Katy Perry leaving American Idol and teasing new music has generated a lot of excitement among her fans. They believe that she is returning to her popstar roots and are eagerly awaiting new albums and world tours.

The departure of Katy Perry from American Idol marks a new chapter in her career that has been met with enthusiasm and anticipation. Fans are confident that she will continue to create amazing music and captivate audiences around the world.