After a Painful Divorce, Kevin Costner’s Ex-Wife Finds Love Again!

After painful divorce, Kevin Costner's ex-wife, 49, has found a new man – and you might recognize him

It’s hard to believe that it wasn’t too long ago when Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner’s marriage seemed unbreakable. However, after a bitter split and a heated court battle, the couple has moved on.

Just last month, we reported that Costner might have found love again. But it seems his ex-wife is not one to be left behind when it comes to new romances.

Reports suggest that Baumgartner blindsided Costner by filing for divorce in May of last year. The whole ordeal would go on to become a painful saga for both of them. They had been married for 18 years.

In early May, Baumgartner filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences.” A representative for Costner released a statement asking for privacy as they navigate this difficult time.

Kevin Coster's ex-wife, Christine Baumgartner, in a red dress

What followed was a bitter feud between Baumgartner and Costner. She was forced out of the family home due to a prenuptial agreement, and Costner was ordered to pay $63,209 per month in child support for their three children.

The year 2023 was undoubtedly one that both Kevin and Christine are happy to put behind them. However, it wasn’t all bad news when it comes to love—at least according to some media outlets.

TMZ reported that Costner had embarked on a romance with US singer Jewel late last year. They were said to have flown to the Caribbean together, and those who saw them mentioned the undeniable chemistry between the two.

Now, fittingly, Costner’s ex-wife finds herself at the center of similar speculation. The Daily Mail strongly suggests that she may have found a new flame in her life.

Months after finalizing her divorce from Kevin, Baumgartner has reportedly been seen with well-known financier Josh Connor. The Daily Mail published several pictures, one of which showed Baumgartner dropping Connor off at his home.

Interestingly, this is not the first time Baumgartner and Connor have been linked. They were previously spotted together during a summer vacation to Hawaii. Baumgartner insisted that they were just friends, but the Mail reports that they took a second trip to Hawaii in December.

Christine Baumgartner and Josh Connor walking together

It was also revealed that Connor had lent Baumgartner $20,000 last summer when she was going through a tough time with her divorce. Connor shares three children with his former wife, whom he divorced in January 2023.

So, it seems that love is in the air for both Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner.