Taylor Swift’s Heartfelt Donation to Chiefs Parade Shooting Victim’s Family

In a touching gesture, pop singer Taylor Swift has donated a generous amount of $100,000 to the family of Lisa Lopez-Galvan. Lisa tragically lost her life during a shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory parade. Swift’s contribution came after she noticed a GoFundMe page titled “Elizabeth Lopez-Galvan Memorial” created to raise $75,000 for the family.

The goal was quickly surpassed in the early hours of Friday as Swift donated $50,000, followed by another donation of the same amount just eight minutes later. Over 1,300 people had already contributed to the cause, showing their support for the grieving family.

On the GoFundMe page, Taylor Swift left a heartfelt message, saying, “Sending my deepest sympathies and condolences in the wake of your devastating loss. With love, Taylor Swift.”

Swift’s Kindness Spans Across Continents

While it was nighttime in the United States, Taylor Swift was in Melbourne, Australia, for the first night of her three-night engagement. After attending the Super Bowl, she had traveled halfway around the world to resume her tour. Swift’s donations were made around the same time as her show in Australia.

Lisa Lopez-Galvan was fatally shot in the abdomen during the chaos that ensued after the Chiefs’ Bowl victory rally. Initial reports suggested that she passed away after undergoing surgery, but subsequent reports clarified that she tragically succumbed to her injuries at the scene.

In addition to her work as a wedding DJ, Lisa co-hosted “Taste of Tejano,” a Latin music program on KKFI, a community radio station, as reported by the Kansas City Star.

Out of the 23 people injured during the series of gunshots, Lisa Lopez-Galvan was the only fatality. Authorities announced that two minors have been apprehended in connection with the shootings.

Thankfully, Lisa’s son Marc Lopez-Galvan, who is in his 20s, has been discharged from the hospital after also being injured. Two other distant relatives were also wounded, but Lisa’s teenage daughter, Adriana, managed to escape unharmed.

Taylor Swift has long been a supporter of the Kansas City Chiefs, often attending their games. She was present at the Super Bowl to show her support for her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, making trips to Tokyo and Melbourne in between.

Through her donation, Swift has not only shown her kindness and compassion but has also provided much-needed support to a grieving family in their time of immense loss.