Kelly Rowland Walks off ‘Today’ Show Set Due to Dressing Room Issues

Kelly Rowland made headlines when she unexpectedly left the set of Today due to dressing room drama. The former Destiny’s Child member was scheduled to co-host the show with Hoda Kotb, but she and her team were dissatisfied with their assigned dressing room. They decided to pull her off the show, leaving Hoda without a guest host for the 10 a.m. hour.

Rowland’s team had requested a different dressing room, but it turned out that Jennifer Lopez had already claimed it. Despite other options being offered, they were unhappy and chose to leave. This unexpected departure left Hoda in need of a co-host.

Luckily, Rita Ora stepped in to save the day. She quickly prepared herself to fill the vacant spot and co-hosted the show alongside Hoda. Rita shared her excitement on Instagram, expressing gratitude for the opportunity and the warm reception she received from the Today team.

While some viewers criticized Kelly Rowland for leaving the show over a dressing room issue, others sympathized with her. They understood that it can be disappointing when expectations aren’t met and acknowledged that her interview might have been overshadowed by her connection to Beyoncé.

In the end, the incident highlighted the importance of communication and understanding between guests and the show’s production team. It also showcased the flexibility and quick thinking of the Today team, who successfully managed the situation by bringing in a talented co-host like Rita Ora.