Kanye West Pleads With Taylor Swift Fans Trying to Sabotage ‘Vultures’ Release

Kanye West recently found himself caught in the middle of a battle between his fans and Taylor Swift fans. A Taylor Swift fan had called for all “Swifties” to help push Beyonce’s new track, “Texas Hold ‘Em,” to knock Kanye West’s “Vultures” out of the No. 1 spot on the Billboard charts. Upon catching wind of the plan, West pleaded with the Swifties to stop.

In an Instagram Story post, West responded to the fan’s call for sabotage. He clarified that when he referred to himself as the new Jesus, it had nothing to do with Taylor Swift. Despite the disagreement, West appreciated the free promotion.

West took the opportunity to shed light on his new album, “Vultures 2,” stating that it is actually super positive and fun. He mentioned that Lil Wayne even mentions Travis Kelce, who happens to be Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, in one of the songs. West emphasized that the album is all about triumph.

The past year has been challenging for West, his wife Bianca Censori, and their loved ones. West revealed that he has been banned from hotels, kicked out of companies, and even denied service at restaurants. He also mentioned that “Vultures 1” was taken off platforms to limit its first week numbers.

In an effort to prove that he was supportive of Taylor Swift, West brought up the time when producer Scooter Braun bought her masters without her knowledge. West stated that he was on Swift’s side during that situation and recognized her as a big inspiration to all musicians. He pointed out that both Swift and Beyonce sell out tours and movies.

Addressing rumors that he was kicked out of Super Bowl LVIII at Taylor Swift’s request, West clarified that it was false. He explained that he and his wife had left their seats to visit YG’s box and spend time with friends. He also mentioned how Shaq and Jamie Salter gave Taylor Swift a special football-themed gift and expressed his admiration for Shaq, expressing his desire to hang out with him and Jamie sometime.

In conclusion, despite the ongoing rivalry between Kanye West and Taylor Swift fans, West urges everyone to focus on the positive. He appreciates the support he has received and wants to emphasize the triumphant and joyful nature of his new album, “Vultures 2.”