Restoring a Historical Gem


Before anyone took an interest in it, this house was nothing more than a forgotten relic. But fortunately, someone recognized its potential and decided to restore this piece of architectural history.


Today, the house stands as a testament to the power of restoration. Every corner of the property has been carefully brought back to life, with a touch of modern elegance.

The once dull and lifeless exterior now captivates passersby with its inviting shades of olive green, terra cotta red, and gold.


Step inside, and you’ll be greeted by an exquisite display of craftsmanship. The floors boast five different types of wood, creating a symphony of natural beauty.

Gorgeous stained glass panels grace the windows, allowing vibrant colors and soft sunlight to dance through the rooms.


Climb the stairs, and you’ll discover a delightful surprise. Each of the five bedrooms in this house has its own unique charm and personality.

From cozy and intimate to vibrant and eclectic, there’s a decorating scheme to suit every taste. You’ll never run out of inspiration in these cozy sanctuaries.


This house isn’t just a place to sleep; it’s a space where creativity thrives. Unleash your imagination in the wonderful, sunlit workspace.

And when the rain falls, head up to the finished attic. It’s the perfect hideaway to chat, play games, and let your creative juices flow.

Don’t miss out on discovering more enchanting features of this beautifully restored Queen Anne house. Keep reading for a deeper dive into this architectural masterpiece.