Young Shop Assistant Has To Think Fast

Once upon a time in New Orleans, a man walked into the produce section of his local supermarket with a unique request – he wanted to buy half a head of cabbage. However, the young shop assistant working in that department told him that they only sold whole heads of cabbage. Undeterred, the man insisted that the boy ask the manager about fulfilling his unusual request.

Without skipping a beat, the young shop assistant walked into the back room to speak to the manager. In an attempt to lighten the situation, the boy jokingly referred to the man as an “old stooge” who wanted to buy half a head of cabbage. Little did he know that the man had followed him into the back room and was standing right behind him.

Unfazed, the quick-thinking boy immediately adjusted his story, saying that the gentleman standing behind him had kindly offered to buy the other half of the cabbage. This clever solution impressed the manager, who approved the deal and allowed the man to proceed with his purchase.

Later, the manager praised the young shop assistant for his ability to think on his feet. He expressed his appreciation for employees who possess such quick wit. Curious about the boy’s background, the manager asked where he was from. With a polite tone, the boy replied, “Canada, sir.”

Not one to pass up a lighthearted moment, the manager inquired about why the boy had left Canada. Seizing the opportunity, the boy humorously replied, “Sir, there’s nothing but prostitutes and ice hockey players there.” Startled, the manager exclaimed, “Is that right? My wife is from Canada!” The boy, keeping the jovial atmosphere alive, quipped, “Really? Who did she play for?”

This amusing interaction showcases the young shop assistant’s ability to handle unexpected situations with quick thinking and a sense of humor. It reminds us that sometimes, the best solutions come from a spontaneous moment of cleverness.