Patrick Mahomes: A True Swiftie

Patrick Mahomes Admits He Sings Taylor Swift Songs in the Shower

In a surprising revelation, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes admitted that he is a Taylor Swift fan and enjoys singing her songs in the shower. During a recent Q&A session at Disneyland, Mahomes was asked about the last song he sang in the shower, and without hesitation, he answered, “‘Love Story’”.

Mahomes, who recently won Super Bowl LVIII, also shared some interesting tidbits about his life off the field. He mentioned having over 300 unread text messages since the big game and jokingly acknowledged the need to catch up on them.

When it comes to Taylor Swift, Mahomes spoke highly of her and her relationship with his teammate, Travis Kelce. He described Swift as a top-tier professional and spoke about how she inspires and motivates him through her work. “Dude, it’s really cool to hear about and see, and now I have a firsthand look at that through Brittany and Travis’ eyes,” Mahomes said during an interview.

Mahomes also praised Taylor Swift for embracing his wife, Brittany, and building a friendship with her. He emphasized how fortunate Kelce is to be with a great woman like Brittany and expressed his appreciation for Swift’s genuine personality. According to Mahomes, spending time with Swift has only solidified his belief that she and Kelce are a perfect match.

The relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce first gained attention in late September when Swift started attending Chiefs games and even supported Kelce during Super Bowl LVIII. Mahomes acknowledged that there were a few jokes and initial hesitation from the team when Kelce brought Swift around. However, as everyone got to know her, they realized what a cool and genuine person she is, which ultimately made her a valued part of the Chiefs Kingdom.

Patrick Mahomes’ revelation about being a Swiftie has delighted fans and provides a glimpse into his personal life. It’s refreshing to see a sports superstar like Mahomes share his love for Taylor Swift and openly discuss her impact on his life and relationships.