A Teacher’s Hilarious Ban on Slang Words and Phrases

An anonymous teacher has become an internet sensation by implementing a quirky rule in their classroom – a prohibition on 32 popular slang terms. The teacher’s controversial list, shared on Twitter, has quickly gained popularity, garnering nearly 34 million views.

In a letter to their students, the teacher emphasized the importance of proper language in an academic setting. Any student caught using these banned words would have to write a short essay explaining why they chose to incorporate slang into their academic expression. The teacher firmly believes that using slang in a scholarly environment can hinder a student’s potential as a successful writer.

The aim is clear: to encourage students to communicate effectively without relying on trendy vocabulary. It’s a lesson that extends beyond the classroom, fostering strong writing skills that will benefit them in the long run.

Among the list of banned terms are popular expressions such as “bruh,” “bet!,” and “that’s cap.” However, this teacher’s effort to regulate language usage has sparked a lively online discussion. People have shared various opinions on the subject, questioning the authenticity of the post and engaging in light-hearted banter.

Some have even found amusement in the situation, sharing their personal experiences. One person jokingly said, “I love messing with my kids by deliberately using their slang, especially if I can do it in a ‘mom’ context. ‘Bruh, if you’re late, you get an extra chore, no cap’.” Another commenter suggested a humorous strategy, saying, “I’m printing off this list to keep on my desk! The fastest way to keep slang out of the classroom is to start using it!”

Whether it is a serious policy or a tongue-in-cheek attempt at language regulation, this teacher’s initiative has certainly caught the attention of many. It serves as a reminder that effective communication goes beyond trendy phrases and slang, allowing individuals to express themselves with clarity and precision.

So the next time you catch yourself reaching for those slang words, consider the impact they might have on your writing and overall communication skills. Let’s embrace the importance of proper language and strive to become effective communicators in all aspects of life.